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Jul 11, 2008 at 08:18 AM

It all started in a small Mexican restaurant around cheap margaritas. The ground work was laid, and ideas on what we needed were being tossed around. It truly amazes me what can be done from just looking at pictures. We found no "Hops for Dummies" books or websites that laid out a start to finish plan for the succesful hop farm. A list was started on the items that we thought that we would need..

    * Location, and how many plants would fit.
    * Plants, what type of hops should we grow.
    * Poles and other hardware that would be needed.
    * How we would harvest.

Location was first picked on the fact that one of our members is a Horticulturist. This should help in the early care and nurturing of our young plants. The only problem with this was we had decided to buy 6 varieties of hops and 100 of each.

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