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Working The Field

The field was measured and laid out. We would need to have 3 trees removed, much to the dismay of the tree owner (we are pretty sure the trees weren't very happy either).  The ground was ripped, plowed, tilled, and tilled some more to prepare a suitable field where our now not so little plants could take root.  


With the field now suitably prepared it was time to free the little ladies (they are all female plants) from the confines of the mums pots.  It was at this time that the sheer enormity of this task began to set in, numbers that rolled off the  tounge so easily around $.99 margaritas began to have staggering weight around the now evolving hops field.  A simple job like "just put in the ground anchors" becomes truly Herculean when you do the math, 36 of those things is equlient to running an auger 200 feet into the ground.  The length of cable seems very immpressive until you realize that the 5000 feet of cable is holding 32,000 feet of twine aloft.  Those numbers would be meaningless of course without the 612 holes that were filled by our hops with their many bines climbing those miles of twine.


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